Home delivery flowers with your Foliflora florist!

Flower delivery Grandmothers' Day: The weekend of March 2 and 3 will be Grandmothers' Day! This will be an opportunity to show your grandmother all your love and tenderness towards her by offering her a gift that will undoubtedly make her very happy! And as our grandmothers are often very greedy, you will be able to include with your sending of flowers a little box of delicious chocolates! Sending flowers to your grandmother for Grandmother's Day is a simple way to show all the affection you have for her... Foliflora, flower delivery throughout France.

Our grandmothers celebrate their day every year on the 1st Sunday of March. This is the ideal opportunity to show him all your tenderness and affection by delivering a pretty plant, a magnificent orchid or a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Order her a bouquet of roses in yellow-orange tones or a magnificent bouquet of flowers specially made for grandmas by our florists. We offer you inexpensive bouquets for Grandmother's Day and plants at very affordable prices. You can order your bouquet until the day before, before 4:45 p.m., for flower delivery on Grandmother's Day.

(*) Special Grandmother's Day offer, Weekend of March 2 and 3, 2024: A pretty little hyacinth FREE with all orders, for any delivery between February 27. and March 3, 2024. Colors of the Hyacinth offered depending on availability. The Hyacinth can be replaced by a bulb Narcissus in case of stock shortage. Offer cannot be combined with other current offers on the site, while stocks last, valid only for products deliverable on D+1 by express transport. This offer is not available with products delivered by local florists or delivered the same day.