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Tenderness Roses

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Product available Express home delivery

A bouquet full of charm and freshness, a harmonious blend of red, pink and white roses. An invitation to sweetness, to offer for all the pleasures of life.

Visual shown: bouquet of 50 roses

Deliveries are made in less than 24 hours. Your orders can be routed and delivered the next day, absolutely everywhere in mainland France. Deliveries are made by express transport guaranteeing perfect freshness of the flowers on arrival.

For any order placed before 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday, you can be delivered the next day. For Monday delivery, you must place your order before 4:45 p.m. the previous Friday. This product cannot be delivered on Sunday.

We only re-invoice part of the logistics costs to our customers, at a sliding scale based on the number of items ordered, the place and date of delivery. The minimum flat rate for express home delivery is € 10.90.

We provide you with online order tracking, accessible at any time and in real time. An order number allows you to follow, on the internet, the progress of your package, time of departure, time of delivery, proof of deposit and delivery.


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    Bouquet faithful to the photo. Impeccable delivery. Very well packaged

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    Careful delivery

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    Super - nickel delivery

  4. , the :

    Congratulations for your professionalism Respected deadlines Thank you

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    Bouquet corresponding to the order, delivered on the chosen day VERY WELL

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    Very beautiful bouquet, delivered on time. Thanks

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    Simple.quick. Efficient. I recommend.

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    The color of the bouquet did not really correspond to what was ordered but pretty bouquet all the same

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    Superb bouquet, delivered on the expected day

  11. , the :

    Perfect ! A pretty bouquet the day before for the next day!

  12. , the :

    perfect service

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    Some roses on the side were not on top

  14. , the :

    Bouquet as ordered and arrived on time

  15. , the :

    Magnificent bouquet, delivered by a professional with advice. The bouquet lasted 10 days.

  16. , the :

    Perfect! Well packaged, beautiful bouquet, delivered on time. I highly recommend.

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    I was very satisfied with the delivery of the bouquet, which was delivered early and on the desired date. I recommend this type of delivery.

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    Multiple choice for all budgets Very good quality/price. I recommend this site

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    Very satisfied with my order, the flowers were very fresh, delivered on the scheduled date and very well packaged. I would recommend again

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    The bouquet corresponded well to the one ordered (30 roses) but I found that some were much too open compared to others

  21. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquet, booklet on the right day and good packaging.

  22. , the :

    Pretty bouquet consistent with the visual order

  23. , the :

    A simple but effective way to please with flowers.

  24. , the :

    Ok for the price

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  26. , the :

    Super bouquet delivered on the requested date; I recommend !

  27. , the :

    Very satisfied with the bouquet, very beautiful but I would have liked to receive a photo of the bouquet from you and it would be nice to be able to set a time slot for delivery.

  28. , the :

    Delivery on time and in perfect time... Bouquets as in the photos! Nothing to say...

  29. , the :

    My friend was delighted with the bouquet

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  32. , the :

    Bouquet consistent with the photo. The flowers are beautiful and fresh. Delivery on time. Everything is perfect

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    Fast and quality delivery

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    As described, delivered on time. Perfect.

  36. , the :

    Impeccable and fast delivery well packaged

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    Very well recommended

  38. , the :

    Thanks to FOLIFLORA, my order arrived on time, my friend was very happy with her bouquet.

  39. , the :

    Perfect delivery, quality of the flowers at the rendezvous!

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    Very satisfied order delivered on time very good product nice bouquet

  41. , the :

    I am very satisfied with my purchase and I recommend Foliflora.

  42. , the :

    Hello people have received their flowers as wanted they arrived fresh and superb qualities I would recommend to you

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    Very good no problems

  44. , the :

    Nice bouquet but a pity that the flowers faded after three days.

  45. , the :

    Very nice bouquet of good size it's a pleasure

  46. , the :

    Perfect delivered in good conditions I recommend.

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  49. , the :

    Very good site because there is the right price while having quality. I highly recommend this site

  50. , the :

    Very satisfied with the service.

  51. , the :

    Delivery on time Well packaged and pleasant delivery man/

  52. , the :

    RAS Order made on Monday, delivered as requested.

  53. , the :

    Good reception of the bouquet!

  54. , the :

    Compliant product, fast delivery. ras.

  55. , the :

    Stunning !!!!!

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    The bouquet arrived safely, and the roses were appreciated, both for their beauty and their freshness. I highly recommend your services. The website is very easy to use.

  57. , the :

    Quick delivery. Delivered to the right address despite the difficulties in finding the place in the middle of the deep countryside. Congratulations to you

  58. , the :

    Very beautiful roses but the package was damaged

  59. , the :

    Fast service and as on the site for a last minute order

  60. , the :

    Bouquet conforms to the photo and the delivery was respected compared to my request Thank you for your professionalism

  61. , the :

    Very satisfied with my order

  62. , the :

    Perfect !

  63. , the :

    Delivery on the scheduled date. Magnificent bouquet with sachet and explanations to best preserve the roses received.

  64. , the :

    Very nice bouquet of flowers delivered on time

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  66. , the :

    It is for me a first to order flowers online and the services were more than better, I thank you for it and I remain faithful for other orders in February pistis khama

  67. , the :

    The order was executed and delivered and the recipient was delighted.

  68. , the :

    It's perfect

  69. , the :

    Get me out of your file, the flowers weren't meant for the legitimate. Thanks in advance.

  70. , the :

    80 gorgeous roses! Thanks!

  71. , the :

    Excellent seller, the bouquet was beautiful. To recommend.

  72. , the :

    I had ordered 40 roses and the account was there!! I would have liked them to be a little less open, but it was good all the same and above all the delivery was fast as agreed. on occasion, I think I would not hesitate to place another order with Foliflora. thank you

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    Very well

  74. , the :

    I found the delivery from Rocbaron to Rocbaron a little expensive but the bouquet superb

  75. , the :

    Very well the bouquet was delivered in the morning it was what I expected in very good condition

  76. , the :

    Superb quality fast delivery in short only very good

  77. , the :

    Very satisfied. The bouquet was delivered in the morning to my mom who was celebrating her birthday. Fast efficient service and consistent bouquet. It was a first. I recommend.

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  79. , the :

    Very well thank you

  80. , the :

    Delivery at the requested times, contact tel before delivery. Perfect. To renew.

  81. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquet. Perfect delivery

  82. , the :

    Difficult to give an opinion since I do not know if the bouquet corresponded to the description. However, it was delivered on time.

  83. , the :

    Very beautiful flowers

  84. , the :

    For a first order, I am satisfied with your services.

  85. , the :

    Easy, fast and secure site. Delivery on time. Perfect!

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  88. , the :

    Perfect service .. thank you to the whole team

  89. , the :

    Quality service

  90. , the :

    Great, the person who received the bouquet was delighted.

  91. , the :

    Very nice bouquet delivery as planned and reasonable price

  92. , the :

    Nothing to say, delivery on time, and superb bouquet. When it is not good it must be said and when it is good it must be shouted loudly. THANK YOU FoliFlora.

  93. , the :

    Delivery on the requested day. Some flowers were not very fresh and wilted quickly.

  94. , the :

    Very satisfied

  95. , the :

    Everything is very good price quality delivery

  96. , the :

    Impeccable, you are now in my "favorites" tabs. Thank you !

  97. , the :

    Order of 70 roses for my Mum's 70th birthday. Order placed the day before, received by my mother the next day before 9am. The roses were gorgeous true to the photo.

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  99. , the :

    Deadlines respected. Pretty bouquet. Just a fallen button

  100. , the :

    Nothing to say thank you

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  102. , the :

    Very good service

  103. , the :

    Delivery on the scheduled day no delay, can be reworked the card for different occasions

  104. , the :

    Very satisfied with the delivery, the flowers and the advice for a longer lasting composition.

  105. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquets at a reasonable price and great delivery

  106. , the :

    Product conforms to the photo.Product quality.AND quality of service.Very satisfied, I will call FOLIFLORA again

  107. , the :

    I am very happy. I will continue to order flowers from foliflora. Thank you

  108. , the :

    The recipient was very happy

  109. , the :

    Very well

  110. , the :

    Speed and efficiency

  111. , the :


  112. , the :

    Beautiful bouquet arrived on time

  113. , the :

    Good, great ease of use of the site, but zoom photos of the bouquets would be desirable

  114. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquet perfect delivery on time respected and very good packaging

  115. , the :

    Delivery on time, the delivery person left the package at the door

  116. , the :

    The roses were beautiful (as in the picture) delivery on "D" day even on a Monday at the top. I warmly recommend FOLIFLORA. Well done!

  117. , the :

    Great site

  118. , the :

    The little roses for the box my beautiful bouquer

  119. , the :

    Suitable bouquet delivered on time thank you I will renew the bouquets

  120. , the :

    Delivery made without problem, the bouquet was beautiful and consistent.

  121. , the :

    I love this site, beautiful flowers never disappointed service and delivery very well. I recommend

  122. , the :

    Perfect as always

  123. , the :


  124. , the :

    The composition and delivery are very well done considering my long distance to offer these flowers I thank the whole team of foliflora

  125. , the :

    Deliver on time as expected, arrived in very good condition. Satisfactory

  126. , the :

    It is a superb site with beautiful flowers and delivered on time. Thank you very much for your efficiency and punctuality and for your choice of flowers !!!

  127. , the :

    Very good service.

  128. , the :

    Very efficient and professional.

  129. , the :

    The bouquet was super pretty and fresh quality of service excellent

  130. , the :

    Very very good

  131. , the :

    Fast, punctual, efficient, perfect flowers.

  132. , the :

    Nothing to say: care of the packaging, bouquet delivered in perfect condition! thank you

  133. , the :

    Bouquet delivered on time. Complete satisfaction

  134. , the :

    Very happy with this beautiful flower site delivered to the recipient

  135. , the :

    Very satisfied

  136. , the :

    Beautiful bouquet, delivered on the scheduled date.

  137. , the :

    Very good deadlines and schedule respect very nice bouquet

  138. , the :

    Very beautiful roses! beautiful bouquet

  139. , the :

    Excellent site, quality products and impeccable deliveries!

  140. , the :

    Well packaged delivery, no complaints

  141. , the :

    Serious and inexpensive delivery.

  142. , the :

    Speed, quality, punctuality, no complaints so far

  143. , the :

    Delivery respected, the recipient is delighted so a priori no problem. I did not see the bouquet because I am in difference and the recipient next to bordeaux

  144. , the :

    I was very satisfied. my order was for a dying person of 90 years old, my roses were a real treat for her. Thank you so much.

  145. , the :

    Well done. Sent on the correct date. Respect of the bouquet offered on the net. Fresh flowers.

  146. , the :

    Very well

  147. , the :

    Very well

  148. , the :


  149. , the :

    Very satisfactory: delivery on time + pretty bouquet well preserved in a box and in water

  150. , the :

    Very good

  151. , the :

    5 stars

  152. , the :

    Very good value for money. Delivery on the scheduled date of flowers in accordance with the bouquet purchased!

  153. , the :

    Completely satisfied for my first order. Delivery on time. Good quality of flowers. To recommend.

  154. , the :

    Reasonable price, very nice products and an order delivered on time! I recommend foliflira for all those who want to please those around them

  155. , the :

    Easy to access and simple to choose

  156. , the :

    Everything was done according to my order Thank you

  157. , the :


  158. , the :

    Very serious site, impeccable delivery, I only had compliments from the two bouquets that I had delivered! I recommend !

  159. , the :

    Very well done, simple, good description, delivery on time in good packaging, delivered against signature, to recommend !!

  160. , the :

    Very very good ... If I have to recommend this will be with you

  161. , the :

    Efficient Foliflora service, good respect for the timing planned for my order, which arrived in time to make a happy remote!