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Red Passion Roses

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The Passion Red Rose Bouquet is a captivating expression of love and romance. Featuring beautifully hand-selected red roses, this bouquet embodies fiery passion and deep affection. Each flower is a powerful symbol of desire and devotion, perfect for expressing your most intense feelings to a loved one.

Each red rose is chosen for its freshness, beauty and longevity. Our flowers are grown with care to guarantee impeccable quality, offering a luxurious appearance and long-lasting vase life. Red roses have always been associated with passionate love and everlasting romance. Gifting a bouquet of red Passion roses is a classic and timeless way to declare your deepest feelings to your loved one. Each bouquet is artistically arranged by our expert florists and presented in elegant packaging. This careful presentation adds a touch of sophistication to this sensational floral gift.

The Passion red rose bouquet is for anyone who wants to show their love and commitment to their partner, whether to celebrate a special occasion like Valentine's Day , a wedding anniversary , or simply to express their sincere feelings at any time.

Prices vary depending on the size of the bouquet and the number of roses included. We offer an accessible price range, while guaranteeing the quality and beauty of each bouquet of Passion red roses.

Visual presented: bouquet of 50 roses

Deliveries are made in less than 24 hours. Your orders can be routed and delivered the next day, absolutely everywhere in mainland France. Deliveries are made by express transport guaranteeing perfect freshness of the flowers on arrival.

For any order placed before 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday, you can be delivered the next day. For Monday delivery, you must place your order before 4:45 p.m. the previous Friday. This product cannot be delivered on Sunday.

We only re-invoice part of the logistics costs to our customers, at a sliding scale based on the number of items ordered, the place and date of delivery. The minimum flat rate for express home delivery is € 10.90.

We provide you with online order tracking, accessible at any time and in real time. An order number allows you to follow, on the internet, the progress of your package, time of departure, time of delivery, proof of deposit and delivery.


Below is a selection of comments from customers who have given their opinions on Foliflora after ordering this product. Note that customer reviews are published as is, without correction of spelling or grammar errors.

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    Very satisfied

  2. , the :

    Very well

  3. , the :

    First order, I admit I was a little apprehensive because I didn't know this site! As a result I am extremely satisfied, fast and careful delivery. I recommend 100%

  4. , the :

    Well done!

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  6. , the :

    Delivered on time and no one happy with their flowers

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    We placed a bulk order (over 500 roses) and were very pleased with the quality of the flowers!

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    Very good

  10. , the :

    Very good service! I recommend ???

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    The bouquet was beautiful my gift had its effect really I recommend

  12. , the :

    Delivery on time....VERY SMALL roses x 80

  13. , the :

    Very good package received on time. Serious fast service

  14. , the :

    Very satisfied, the roses were very beautiful and very fresh, a very pretty bouquet, the little message very pretty. I recommend this site and I will return. Thanks.

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    I recommend ++++ I ordered 48 red roses, they were very beautiful and lmpec delivery.. I would recommend from FOLIFLORA

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    I haven't seen the flowers so I don't have an opinion to give

  18. , the :

    The bouquet corresponded perfectly to the order, however a little more sense of welcome from the delivery person would have been welcome.

  19. , the :

    Perfect! Like always! Thanks.

  20. , the :

    Compliant with the delivery very happy with the service ??

  21. , the :

    Bouquet consistent with the photo, delivery on the day requested

  22. , the :

    Fast delivery, the desired number of flowers was there, maybe a small downside: we imagined a more impressive bouquet...

  23. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquet of fresh red roses, very carefully packaged, received on time!

  24. , the :

    Delivered as expected. Bouquet of beautiful red roses..

  25. , the :

    The roses were very beautiful and in very good condition

  26. , the :

    1st time = 1st success so a 2nd will follow

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    Very well

  28. , the :

    The bouquet of roses was delivered in perfect conditions. Complies with the description. Quick delivery !

  29. , the :

    Hello, Satisfied with the order, very beautiful bouquet, moreover, the flowers are like the first day. As for the delivery, the delivery guy didn't even wait for me to go down to pick up the bouquet, he dropped it off for me outside my house and he left, I didn't appreciate that, Ormis this foliflora very good site recommended.

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    The bouquet was very beautiful and was delivered early in the morning so for a birthday it's perfect. I am delighted, and I recommend.

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    Very satisfied with my order

  33. , the :

    Very well

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    Very good service and delivery from the early hours of the morning today said .... I was satisfied because my surprise was beautiful by their punctuality

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    Top delivery

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  37. , the :

    Arrived on time, beautiful bouquet. If I repeat the experience it will be with you.

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    Simple fast quality and respect of dates

  39. , the :

    Well in line with the order.. Perfect.

  40. , the :

    Well present but slightly faded flowers

  41. , the :

    Everything is positive! For me, who is in Guyana, I was able to place my order without any problem and on time! Very satisfied customer?

  42. , the :

    Very responsive and beautiful roses

  43. , the :

    Fast and very pretty bouquet

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  46. , the :

    The flowers were a little habited. Too bad the bouquet had already faded the next day

  47. , the :

    Impeccable service!

  48. , the :

    I recommend arriving well on the d-day! beautiful bunch

  49. , the :

    Excellent reliable and fast service

  50. , the :

    Bouquet of roses received on the agreed date. Bouquet as well as at a florist. I recommend.

  51. , the :

    A nice choice of bouquets, and fairly fast delivery. Compared to the photo, I expected the flowers to be a little bigger, but they do the trick.

  52. , the :

    Impeccable quality/price/delivery ratio! I recommend!

  53. , the :

    Bouquet of roses ordered for my mom's birthday delivered the same day before 12 am completely satisfied because in this period of confinement this delivery method is extra!!!!

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    Excellent service!

  55. , the :

    Delivery on time and an impeccable bouquet.

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  57. , the :

    Very well .

  58. , the :

    Everything went well the flowers were of very good quality

  59. , the :

    Perfect, 70 roses for my mom.. very beautiful bouquet. Delighted. Delivered on the requested date.

  60. , the :

    Beautiful bouquet sends fast I recommend!

  61. , the :

    Thank you very much for your professionalism...

  62. , the :

    Thank you for your service

  63. , the :

    The flowers were very beautiful the person was delighted very good experience thank you.

  64. , the :

    A pretty bouquet. Arrived early. Thanks

  65. , the :


  66. , the :

    Delivery in a box via Chronopost. It would be good to put these details when ordering. It sort of takes away the charm of the thing. But all in all the price is very reasonable and the delivery on time. Beautiful flowers. Thanks !

  67. , the :


  68. , the :

    Simple site Fast Keep informed via maol Perfect

  69. , the :

    Perfect. Fast delivery and bouquet equal to the photo. Thanks

  70. , the :

    I will not hesitate to order again on Foliflora

  71. , the :

    Very good

  72. , the :

    Nice bouquet consistent with the description, however, transport vase arrived with a hole so my flowers had no water

  73. , the :

    Delivered on time in immaculate condition. The bouquet was consistent with the photo presented on the site.

  74. , the :

    Very good, nothing to complain about

  75. , the :

    Very pretty bouquet. Satisfied with my order

  76. , the :

    I am happy with the presentation and the delivery, however the flowers are not of very good quality.

  77. , the :

    Satisfied with the service and the product

  78. , the :


  79. , the :

    Not very satisfied I had to call to find out where the order was, the people I have on the phone could not find my order and were unable to meet my expectations, plus there were 2 damaged roses.

  80. , the :

    Great service and beautiful flowers

  81. , the :

    Sends on the right date and beautiful bouquet. Unfortunately, a dozen flowers were broken...

  82. , the :

    Flower and delivery as ordered

  83. , the :

    The office where the flowers were delivered was not easy to find but the flowers arrived at the expected place and on time, so to continue is very good.

  84. , the :

    Great product! Quality and service at the rendezvous.... Thank you

  85. , the :

    Order placed a few days before delivery date. Everything went perfectly. The flowers were perfect. Thank you all.

  86. , the :

    A very good follow-up of the order... quality on the flower side

  87. , the :

    Top RAS

  88. , the :

    Perfect, beautiful flower, on time

  89. , the :

    Great delivery on time

  90. , the :

    Impeccable delivery and roses

  91. , the :

    Very serious site. Affordable price. I recommend Foliflora, and if necessary, I will come back to you without hesitation.

  92. , the :

    No big problem packaging a little rushed despite its quality good deadlines

  93. , the :

    Service as ordered

  94. , the :

    Perfect !

  95. , the :

    Delivery and perfect bouquet!

  96. , the :


  97. , the :

    Nickel the bouquet corresponded to the photo and made a happy ... my darling!! delivered in the morning. the site should have a box to specify the ideal time of delivery

  98. , the :

    Perfect delivery, perfect bouquet thank you

  99. , the :

    Beautiful flowers that delighted my grandmother received by her on her birthday as planned when ordering.

  100. , the :

    Thanks very much!

  101. , the :

    Delivery = 100% OK and Quality = 100% OK. I recommend Floriflora. Thank you.

  102. , the :

    I found the site easy to use, ordering and overnight delivery. Only small downside is the bouquet was very pretty on arrival but damaged the next day' the quality of the flowers remains to be reviewed but otherwise a very good site to surprise someone.

  103. , the :

    Only site that delivers more than 60 roses! Thank you very much the bouquet was beautiful

  104. , the :

    Very well thank you

  105. , the :

    On /20 19

  106. , the :

    Delivered on time, perfect.

  107. , the :

    Bouquet as pictured. Flowers fresh and delivered on time. A big thank-you !

  108. , the :


  109. , the :

    Delivery on time. Good price.

  110. , the :

    Everything went very well. I recommend...

  111. , the :

    Beautiful bouquet delivered on time

  112. , the :

    The bouquet of roses had its effect, the person who received it was very happy. The delivery date was respected. Thank you for this moment of happiness that this bouquet has provided

  113. , the :

    Fresh flowers, delivery without pb, that, I buy!

  114. , the :

    Bouquet received on the morning of D-Day. The roses were magnificent, out of the 70 roses, 3 had broken stems. Thank you floriflora and I will advertise value for money it's perfect! Too bad I wanted to post the photo of the bouquet but impossible

  115. , the :

    Very good quality

  116. , the :

    So far so good, I'm satisfied. Thanks

  117. , the :

    Delivered on time, nothing to say, I am satisfied!!

  118. , the :

    Very well !!!

  119. , the :


  120. , the :

    Beautiful bouquet of roses. The person who received it was delighted.

  121. , the :

    Bouquet delivered on time (less than 24 hours) and in accordance with the order...I am very satisfied.

  122. , the :

    Delivered on the agreed date in good condition. The quality of the flowers is not that of a local florist but for the price it is quite correct. Good value for money. Thank-you for your prompt response.

  123. , the :

    Super happy! I rarely put opinions on sites but your work is very professional. Carry on!

  124. , the :

    Good depending on who received the bouquet

  125. , the :

    Very satisfied. The recipients of my bouquets were delighted, they sent me a photo and my orders corresponded completely. I recommend ! Christina

  126. , the :

    El pedido fue genial, easy to access from Spain. Llegó en buenas condiciones, me comprehend a la perfección y a la hora que les dije. La nota perfectamente escrita en español. The precious roses¡

  127. , the :

    Satisfied. Delivery times respected.

  128. , the :


  129. , the :


  130. , the :

    The bouquet of roses ordered arrived with 2 broken roses. Too bad for a first order!

  131. , the :

    Completed contract

  132. , the :

    Very well the surprise remained hidden until the end

  133. , the :


  134. , the :

    Superb and quality flowers On the other hand, the delivery man did not ring the bell and left the bouquet (70€!!!) on the trash can at the entrance Too bad My mother discovered the package while going to get her mail....

  135. , the :

    Bouquet very appreciated by the person, delivered on time!

  136. , the :

    Good service and respect for delivery times to strongly recommend irreproachable value for money

  137. , the :

    I would have liked to have had a photo of the bouquet made or delivered

  138. , the :

    Simple and efficient

  139. , the :

    Delivery as planned Fresh flowers and a nice bouquet. To recommend

  140. , the :

    Arrive on time Fast, affordable I recommend

  141. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquet. The person was delighted. Thank you.

  142. , the :

    At the top, easy to order. To recommend to friends.

  143. , the :

    Very happy

  144. , the :

    Excellent. A magnificent bouquet delivered on time. Thank you

  145. , the :

    Very good

  146. , the :

    Very well

  147. , the :

    Delivered on time, the transporter tried to reach my friend by phone and showed up at her house; my friend was happy with the roses, but there was too little water when the roses need a lot and the water was very dirty, suggesting that it had not been prepared the same day. the flowers themselves were beautiful, not damaged, and the number was the correct one. I will probably recommend some

  148. , the :

    All deliveries are impeccable! The flowers are perfect.

  149. , the :

    80 roses for an 80-year-old person, I find it shameful and abnormal that the delivery man asks the resonance to go down 3 floors and pick up her bouquet in the street My daughter has ordered on another site, delivery at the top I am disappointed with the delivery

  150. , the :

    Very good and professional

  151. , the :

    Nothing to Report

  152. , the :


  153. , the :

    Delivery in the morning as expected, beautiful bouquet!

  154. , the :

    It's really great ordering and arrived the same day I recommend it

  155. , the :

    No complaints

  156. , the :


  157. , the :

    Very good ... delivery on the day indicated and early in the morning it is appreciable and without worry of degradation.

  158. , the :


  159. , the :

    To recommend.

  160. , the :


  161. , the :

    Very good

  162. , the :

    It is very good

  163. , the :

    Perfect! I highly recommend!

  164. , the :

    Delivery in a box that properly protects the contents

  165. , the :

    Deadline and quality of service respected.

  166. , the :

    Nothing to say

  167. , the :

    Delivered early but the element of surprise was there. thanks again

  168. , the :

    We cannot choose the time .. Flower not very pretty

  169. , the :

    Delivery good .... ddé delivery between 10h and 12h .... received at 2h ....

  170. , the :

    Very well sincerely

  171. , the :

    Delivered on time! Good service

  172. , the :

    Serious efficient

  173. , the :

    No problem

  174. , the :

    Bouquet sent to my husband at his work for the anniversary of our 10 years ... very beautiful bouquet, received on D-day ... just the jar which was not very glamorous, but the roses were not without water.

  175. , the :

    Recipient of the roses called me very satisfied and thanked me!

  176. , the :

    Very good

  177. , the :

    Sorry but having no feedback from the beneficiary, I did not have time to check the quality of your service. However, you warned me that the delivery was done in accordance with your commitments, I am satisfied with this result.If a particular remark should be submitted to me I would not fail to let you know. Yours truly

  178. , the :


  179. , the :

    Nikel site several choices of flowers

  180. , the :

    Parfair, no complaints.

  181. , the :

    On time delivery the roses were very well protected and packed in a special box ... the roses appeared a little larger in the photo but overall satisfied with the quality of the site.

  182. , the :

    Very good value for money. Bouquet faithful to the description

  183. , the :


  184. , the :

    Nothing to say, I only have good feedback. very well

  185. , the :

    Thank you

  186. , the :

    Perfect thank you.

  187. , the :

    Perfect !

  188. , the :

    Very well !

  189. , the :

    Perfect and very fast delivery

  190. , the :

    Very good value for money. it might be wise to add delivery times. cordially

  191. , the :

    Hello, I have had bouquets of roses delivered twice now, both people were delighted with the reception and the quality of the flowers. so thank you.

  192. , the :

    Very satisfied. Thank you so much!!!

  193. , the :

    The delivery went smoothly and quickly.

  194. , the :

    Nothing to say perfect

  195. , the :

    I am glad. My only regret and not having been able to choose the date for my grandmother's 90th birthday because it was no longer available while deliveries were made within 24 hours and I placed my order on 7/11 and it was for the 15/7.

  196. , the :

    Order made without any worries.

  197. , the :

    Nothing to say, bouquet delivered on time, very beautiful bouquet of roses!

  198. , the :

    The site is very well done and accessible to a computer novice, I chose this supplier because I could pay by Paypal, so as not to see the supplier appear on my account statement. I recommend this site for the quality of service.

  199. , the :

    Nice site and excellent service

  200. , the :

    it is very good

  201. , the :

    Site well configured and packages by theme so practical to make your choice.

  202. , the :

    Very good site with a wide choice of flowers that I highly recommend. On the other hand, during the delivery the flowers were a little crushed but other than that, SUPER!

  203. , the :

    Efficient delivery, beautiful bouquet. On the other hand, the word with was illegible! Otherwise very good.

  204. , the :

    Very easy to order

  205. , the :

    No worries, perfect service

  206. , the :

    Very effective sometimes during the day, very good

  207. , the :

    Very good service, fast and efficient and good value for money

  208. , the :

    Very well

  209. , the :

    Too bad we can't make bouquets with the desired number of flowers and not just multiples of 5 or 10.