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Bouquet of roses Sweetness

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Lots of tenderness and sweetness in this sublime armful of white and pink roses. This bouquet is ideal to show all your affection and tenderness to a loved one or to offer during a birth.

Visual shown: bouquet of 50 roses

Deliveries are made in less than 24 hours. Your orders can be routed and delivered the next day, absolutely everywhere in mainland France. Deliveries are made by express transport guaranteeing perfect freshness of the flowers on arrival.

For any order placed before 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday, you can be delivered the next day. For Monday delivery, you must place your order before 4:45 p.m. the previous Friday. This product cannot be delivered on Sunday.

We only re-invoice part of the logistics costs to our customers, at a sliding scale based on the number of items ordered, the place and date of delivery. The minimum flat rate for express home delivery is € 10.90.

We provide you with online order tracking, accessible at any time and in real time. An order number allows you to follow, on the internet, the progress of your package, time of departure, time of delivery, proof of deposit and delivery.


Below is a selection of comments from customers who have given their opinions on Foliflora after ordering this product. Note that customer reviews are published as is, without correction of spelling or grammar errors.

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    Very happy with the service. To be redone if necessary

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    The bouquet was in accordance with the order and the delivery date respected. I recommend

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    Satisfactory service

  4. , the :

    C perfect fast shipping as well as delivery

  5. , the :

    Fresh flowers, well used, beautiful presentation

  6. , the :

    Very pretty bouquet.

  7. , the :

    Reasonable price, impeccable delivery, very beautiful bouquets

  8. , the :

    The flowers were pretty, the delivery went well. On the other hand, we would have liked a passage after 4 p.m., given the lack of availability of the recipient of the flowers. We specified it. Despite our notification, and request, the flowers were delivered in the morning.

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    Beautiful compositions, practical and effective.

  10. , the :

    Very well

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    Bouquet as pretty as on the presentation. Quick delivery

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    Very satisfied

  13. , the :

    Thank you

  14. , the :

    First approach with a certain reluctance. Except in the end a total satisfaction. The person concerned made me compliments on the bouquet.. It was my concern... So I recommend this practical formula and without displacement..

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    Bouquet corresponding to my order. I am delighted with this site that I discovered.

  16. , the :

    Compliant order and impeccable service

  17. , the :

    Arrived on time, corresponds to the description, my friend is very satisfied. to recommend

  18. , the :

    Good, but somewhat hasty delivery without notifying the recipient who was absent during delivery.

  19. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquet delivered on time and at attractive prices. Thanks

  20. , the :

    Bouquet consistent with the visual and delivery at the top

  21. , the :

    Satisfied with the delivery day respected and the flowers corresponded to the bouquet ordered.

  22. , the :

    The bouquet ordered matched the one received. The flowers are of good quality. Thanks

  23. , the :

    Fast delivery despite the current situation. The flowers were great! A successful surprise for my recipient!

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    Very well

  25. , the :

    A beautiful bouquet that pleased the person who received it

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    Very well. We needed flowers for a funeral. After doing 3 different sites that offered nothing during this period of confinement. FOLIFLORA delivered to us on time and allowed us to pay a last less cold and sad tribute in these complicated times.

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    The recipient was very satisfied with the bouquet

  28. , the :

    The person received the bouquet of roses at the agreed time and place, which I was told was very beautiful. Thanks!

  29. , the :

    The delivery in the early morning was very good, the flowers were very beautiful Only problem the packaging cardboard was torn but the bouquet was not damaged

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    Very well

  31. , the :

    My daughter was delighted with her bouquet

  32. , the :

    Interesting choices and prices...+++

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    A magnificent bouquet, a happy granny.

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    The bouquet delivered was consistent with that ordered, the flowers were fresh. I regret that we cannot choose a time slot for delivery. The delivery man left the bouquet in front of the door, on the sidewalk without even bothering to ring the bell...... The bouquet was picked up in the afternoon but it may have been there since the morning....

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    Very beautiful bouquet.

  36. , the :

    Hello, Nothing to say, the work is serious and it's a pleasure. Regards.

  37. , the :

    Very well received delivered on time

  38. , the :

    Perfect thank you

  39. , the :

    Fast and consistent with the order and not expensive !!! Thanks

  40. , the :

    I would have liked to have a photo of the bouquet sent. Well I know it happened! 😊

  41. , the :

    Bouquet arrived on the expected date. Fairly fresh and beautiful flowers. Serious work.

  42. , the :

    Person receiving the bouquet delighted with the bouquet, the packaging and the quality of the flowers.

  43. , the :

    Fast effective very beautiful bouquet

  44. , the :

    Very satisfied, a lot of professionalism. thank you

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    Happy with the performance. The flowers arrived well packaged, fresh, consistent with the photos. Thank you, I will not hesitate to use your services again. Helen

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    Delivery on time beautiful flowers

  47. , the :

    Perfect Service

  48. , the :

    Stunning bouquet of roses

  49. , the :

    Our recipient received exactly the bouquet we chose!

  50. , the :

    Very very happy

  51. , the :

    Very well thank you

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    Problem with SMS saying that the delivery would be deferred to the next day when the order was delivered on the right day !!!!!!

  53. , the :

    I had confirmation that the bouquet had arrived very well. This matched the photo. Very pretty !

  54. , the :

    Product delivered on time. I cannot give my opinion on the bouquet as I have not seen it.

  55. , the :

    Delivery on time and the bouquet of roses exactly the flowers ask for 60 magnificent roses

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  57. , the :

    Perfect service!

  58. , the :

    Bouquets always faithful to what is offered on the site. efficient in delivery. Only small downside, out of all the flowers, there are always a certain number that fade from the 2nd day of receipt of the bouquet. Damage !

  59. , the :

    The bouquet corresponds to the photo and was delivered on time. Only small downside on delivery

  60. , the :

    Impeccable service! I recommand it !

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  62. , the :

    perfect service

  63. , the :

    Perfect. Meets my expectations. 10/10 thank you

  64. , the :

    Delivery time respected. On the other hand, product well packaged, and apparently pretty bouquet, now, to see the outfit. Site to recommend.

  65. , the :

    Fast and Efficient and good value for money

  66. , the :

    Very good performance

  67. , the :

    Very beautiful bouquet. Complies with the order. On time delivery. Thanks

  68. , the :

    As ordered and fast

  69. , the :

    Very good service I also find that the cost of processing and delivery remains reasonable below 10 € because it is the second time that I have delivered flowers to a friend who lives less than 10 minutes by car from the florist and the first time I had paid 12.90 € (other delivery man) it's a bit expensive you should be able to pay according to the mileage.

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    Perfect service

  71. , the :

    Everything was ok delivered on the requested day. In the future I will call on them

  72. , the :

    Efficient, fast and professional service. Very satisfied.

  73. , the :

    Excellent service. to recommend

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  75. , the :

    I can only advise favorably

  76. , the :

    Correct prices, tight delivery times, fresh flowers

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  78. , the :

    Very good I was completely satisfied and will recommend

  79. , the :

    A magnificent bouquet with delicate colors, fresh flowers, packaging equivalent to the competitors. A great souvenir for my godmother's birthday! Thank you, I will not hesitate to recommend this site and order from this site again!

  80. , the :

    Very easy to access - good quality / price service

  81. , the :

    Very well, my mom really liked the bouquet of roses. We should just give one hour of delivery so as not to block people.

  82. , the :

    Very well

  83. , the :

    Delivery perfectly matches the order

  84. , the :

    Bouquet as pictured and the flowers were fresh

  85. , the :

    Very well our sister appreciated her bouquet

  86. , the :

    The person who received the bouquet said to be very satisfied and the delivery was made as agreed on time thank you

  87. , the :

    Perfect! Good value for money! The flowers were beautiful (bouquets of 31 pink and white roses) at the right time and with the words that was intended for my sister! I recommend !

  88. , the :

    Hello, I have 60 roses delivered to NICE on APRIL 25; to a couple who were celebrating their 60th anniversary SUPER !!! They were thrilled. The person who delivered was lovely and the flowers lasted 8 days. I received the photo of the bouquet which was identical to my expectations. I will call on your services again Thank you Mrs. SALVATORI TOUSSIEUX 01

  89. , the :

    On time, superb bouquet!

  90. , the :

    Very well

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  92. , the :

    Pretty flowers and delivery on time;

  93. , the :

    Beautiful bouquets extremely well cared for and delivered at the promised times. I have had flowers delivered on death anniversaries and Foliflora has helped warm the hearts of those for whom they were intended. I highly recommend this site and will use it as soon as the opportunity arises.

  94. , the :

    Order arrived as advertised. Bouquet confirmed in the photo.

  95. , the :

    My bouquet is beautiful, only small complaint the color of the roses does not fully correspond to the photo on the site, but it was a photo it is perhaps difficult to have this purple tone in reality. I am still happy with my order and would order from Foliflora again because after 5 days my bouquet is still beautiful, especially for white and pink roses. The price is also very interesting, finally I am satisfied and I will come back very quickly.

  96. , the :

    Very beautiful and fresh flowers! Delivered on time. Beautiful bouquet. Thank you.

  97. , the :

    Very well done

  98. , the :

    Simple, accessible

  99. , the :

    The bouquet of 33 roses arrived at the recipient on the scheduled day, faithful to the order

  100. , the :

    I am very satisfied, I had ordered a bouquet to be delivered for the birthday of a friend and it went very well ... I will continue to place my orders on this site and I will recommend it to those around me .. .

  101. , the :

    Everything was perfect

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  103. , the :

    Respect of deadlines, flowers well conditioned and fresh, excellent quality / price ratio

  104. , the :

    Excellent and very fast service, delivered on time, well packaged in short very satisfied.

  105. , the :

    Choice, original ideas but the prices could be lower given the services and the quality of the products

  106. , the :

    No problem with fast delivery as long as the delivery man left the flowers in front of the door without delay!

  107. , the :

    Very satisfied !

  108. , the :

    Delivery according to date, appreciable

  109. , the :

    I am very satisfied