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Bouquet of white lilies

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Let yourself be seduced by the bewitching scents of this wonderful bouquet of oriental lilies!… You will be surprised by the imposing size and the chic of these superb white flowers, which will spread a delicious fragrance throughout the house. A bright, elegant and refined bouquet, to offer without moderation!

This bouquet comes with fresh flowers still in bud, for greater longevity, and to allow you to fully enjoy their blooming.

- Classic format: 5 stems, i.e. 20 to 25 white lily flowers
- Generous Format: 7 stems, i.e. 28 to 35 white lily flowers
- XXL format: 10 stems, i.e. 40 to 50 white lily flowers

Visual shown: Bouquet of white lilies - "Generous" format.

Deliveries are made in less than 24 hours. Your orders can be routed and delivered the next day, absolutely everywhere in mainland France. Deliveries are made by express transport guaranteeing perfect freshness of the flowers on arrival.

For any order placed before 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday, you can be delivered the next day. For Monday delivery, you must place your order before 4:45 p.m. the previous Friday. This product cannot be delivered on Sunday.

We only re-invoice part of the logistics costs to our customers, at a sliding scale based on the number of items ordered, the place and date of delivery. The minimum flat rate for express home delivery is € 10.90.

We provide you with online order tracking, accessible at any time and in real time. An order number allows you to follow, on the internet, the progress of your package, time of departure, time of delivery, proof of deposit and delivery.


Below is a selection of comments from customers who have given their opinions on Foliflora after ordering this product. Note that customer reviews are published as is, without correction of spelling or grammar errors.

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    Very good performance

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    Delivery within the stipulated time. It would be appreciated if the merchant sends a photo of the bouquet before delivery to the order email address with the date superimposed.

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    Perfect thank you

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    Perfect, delivered on time, pretty bouquet

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    Delivery on time of a beautiful bouquet

  6. , the :

    The recipient was satisfied

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    Early was delivered in accordance with my order. I would just like to comment. On the site we are asked for the delivery date, but there is no notion of schedules, which can be important for mourning deliveries

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    Excellent value for money! Very positive feedback from the bouquet.

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    Delivery on time. Fresh flowers, not too open, thank you because the bouquet will last longer. Very satisfied with your services, I will order another bouquet by the end of the month.

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    Very well. No complaints.

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    I am very satisfied with the flowers ordered on the Foliflora site. The flowers are of high quality and hold very well (I ordered a bouquet of fragrant white lilies). The delivery was neat, the flowers perfectly packaged. I am so satisfied that I have just placed another order (peonies this time.) Thank you Foliflora!

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    Very well thank you

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    Delivered on D-Day at H. Nickel. Thank you.

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    Fast, punctual service and product quality. Excellent

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    The order arrived on the scheduled day, the flowers were all in bud, so we can take full advantage of the bouquet, I will reorder without problem

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    Fast and effective

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    fast, great

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    The order corresponded perfectly to the bouquet on the site. The bouquet was very well packaged.

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    Conforms to the description of the product, correct price and delivery on time.

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    Hello, I did not know FOLIFLORA when I sent a bouquet of flowers for my mother's birthday. The bouquet was delivered on the desired date and my mother was delighted! In addition, she said thank you a thousand times it was beautiful until the packaging. In my turn, I thank FOLIFLORA which I recommend without problem.

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    Arrived on the requested date. As I received a p photo in return for thanks, I could see that they were barely open and that's very good. So the flowers will last longer. I keep your address. Thank you and see you next time Regards

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    No complaints

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    Order arrived on specific day

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    Very well thank you

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    Adequate service.

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    Very satisfied with the quality and the price....

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    It was perfect!

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    A very pretty and very fragrant bouquet. On-time delivery. A very happy darling.

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    I recommend this site. Very well

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    Hello, I have received the bouquet of lilies. A well-made packaging that offers us a bouquet that does not risk the effects of transport. The delivery is made in compliance with the prescribed date. The only regret is that the bouquet of lilies is not very flowery, so a lessened effect on the person who receives it, especially in terms of the perfume. It would take a bouquet at least 2/3 flowery.

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    Perfect service, beautiful bouquet thank you

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    Very good service

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    Not delivered at the requested time (for a funeral 😞) but very beautiful bouquet, consistent with the photo.

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    Very satisfied. Fair prices and quality services.

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    Very satisfied

  39. , the :

    I found the value for money of the service very interesting! Hence my order. It was a gift and the person concerned received it on the scheduled day. In addition, the flowers were not all open, which suggests a longer life for the bouquet.

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    Perfect, deliver on time very good service I recommend

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    Delivery on the scheduled day. Quality flowers. Reasonable price

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    The bouquet was exactly what was expected. Next day delivery. It's perfect, thank you .

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    Impeccable service .. Satisfied with the site.

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    Nothing to report :)

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    Very serious . Downside: delivery time! 7:30 am on a Saturday .. Otherwise nothing to say. Good continuation and thank you. Fabien Hermant

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    Delivery on time, despite the flowers in bud upon arrival, they are starting to bloom and are very beautiful ... thank you.

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    Hello, Flowers still in buds as stipulated in the ad. Very good because longer flowering. An unfavorable opinion about the delivery, the package was thrown over the grid!?. It would be better to ring the bell to find out if someone can take the package directly.

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    Superb bouquet, the friend for whom it was intended, was very happy. Thanks to the FOLIFLORA team!

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    Very positive the bouquet is very beautiful thank you

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    Very good, beautiful flowers with a voluminous bouquet. Quick delivery.

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    I am the sender not the receiver

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    Service on time, so perfect. I will call on this organization again.

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    Very nice bouquet, courteous and professional delivery man. Thank you

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    Very beautiful bouquet delivered on D-day

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    Very satisfied

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    Nice site

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    Very satisfied

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    Quality service, very fast and satisfactory