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The Exotic bouquet

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Give him an exotic trip home! This superb bouquet of exotic flowers (with extraordinary longevity) will bring a beautiful tropical touch to its interior.

A composition full of colors and exoticism, where the flowers of the West Indies harmoniously rub shoulders with pineapple and bananas in a large bright green foliage.

A warm exotic bouquet, an invitation to dream and travel, to offer without moderation!

Deliveries are made in less than 24 hours. Your orders can be routed and delivered the next day, absolutely everywhere in mainland France. Deliveries are made by express transport guaranteeing perfect freshness of the flowers on arrival.

For any order placed before 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday, you can be delivered the next day. For Monday delivery, you must place your order before 4:45 p.m. the previous Friday. This product cannot be delivered on Sunday.

We only re-invoice part of the logistics costs to our customers, at a sliding scale based on the number of items ordered, the place and date of delivery. The minimum flat rate for express home delivery is € 10.90.

We provide you with online order tracking, accessible at any time and in real time. An order number allows you to follow, on the internet, the progress of your package, time of departure, time of delivery, proof of deposit and delivery.


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    Order of the very beautiful exotic bouquet! Easy to use, clear website. The person received it on the exact day and was delighted! Thank you.

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    Valid and reliable

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    I am satisfied with the exotic bouquet sent for Mother's Day; it arrived on time and my mom is thrilled.

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    Item corresponding to the photo, delivery time respected. Only one regret having to go through another supplier for Mother's Day because no Sunday delivery.

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    Efficient service, responding exactly to demand and respecting requested schedules. Thank you

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    Very serious, the bouquet corresponds perfectly to the image

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    Serious service

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    Order arrived on time. Thank you The bouquet corresponds exactly to the image of the site. The only downside to the delivery, the delivery man did not ring, he simply put the package on the other side of the fence: it could have been stolen. ..

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    Very good and punctual

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    I had the photo of the bouquet delivered, it corresponds in every way to my order.

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    No problem. Bouquet perfectly conforms to the description. Thank you!

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    Good site. simple, efficient and fast. thank you

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    I am very satisfied with Filiflora, Delivery on time. To recommend. Maryline

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    My grandmother was happy with her bouquet.

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    The person who received the bouquet ordered was enchanted by its beauty and freshness and I who ordered it by its punctuality. Thank you.

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    Very good services

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    Nothing to say, it's perfect!

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    Very good

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    Satisfactory experience, bouquet delivered on time, consistent with the presentation photo (or rather better!)

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    I am very satisfied with the service because I placed my order from Guadeloupe for delivery in Metropolitan France. The order arrived without problem and the recipient was delighted by the quality of the product!

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    Very beautiful bouquet I am very satisfied

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    Choice of product and dispatch of the order: good Payment and confirmation of the order: good Delivery and receipt: good satisfaction of the product delivered: good

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    Speed, bouquet in line with the description, attractive price.

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    Delivered on the desired date, nice bouquet!

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    Products and delivery in accordance with site descriptions.

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    Very beautiful bouquet, very punctual delivery, impeccable ... !!!! experience to renew .....

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    We were the senders of the package so we didn't see the bouquet, however it seems the recipient was thrilled.

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    Serious site very good service thank you

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    Foliflora is a very serious site, delivery on time, and a bouquet of excellent freshness. To recommend

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    User-friendly and easy-to-navigate site

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    Easy and reliable, good order and delivery tracking The photo reflects the product delivered

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    IMPECCABLE SERVICE AND DELIVERY, only the 15% reduction code is not taken into account !!!

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    Very nice bouquet and delivery on time by a very nice person.

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    Very satisfactory fé my first order placed 6000 km from the place of delivery. Flowers identical to the order, delivered exactly as expected !! Thank you

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    Small point in less for the delivery deposited behind a gate whereas by making 2 meters the delivery could have been deposited in front of the entrance door protected by a small roof in case of rain and out of sight!

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    Very good and pretty bouquet as in the photo nothing to say

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    Very well

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    Few of the sites offer bouquets of exotic flowers so it is an asset over others. It is precisely for this reason that I chose FoliFlora.

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    A priori, I am satisfied with the procedure, but I cannot give you an opinion on the whole of the service because I could not note the conformity of your delivery with the terms of my order ...

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    Opinion of the recipient: on the "exotic" theme with a small pineapple, exotic flowers and foliage, and even a bunch of small bananas! Very nice

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    Bouquet faithful to the order; thank you

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    Good for a first

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    Very good service. Superb bouquet and delivery date ok. Thank you

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    The bouquet is pictured and there is no choice of sizes and prices. I enjoyed this.

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    We tested this site for the feast of grandmothers and we are delighted!

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    Service performed on time without any particular concern. A RECOMMEND